Your Strengthfy account

Do I need to take the Strengthfy assessment again to get the report?

No. You don't need to take the assessment again.

Simply follow these steps:  

  • Click on the START STRENGTHFY button.
  • Fill in your name
  • Enter the same Email ID you used before
  • Click on continue button.
  • We will send your report again to the same Email ID
  • You are all set to continue your journey!

How do I access my report?

Your report is available for 12 months after your initial assessment and can be accessed by using the steps mentioned above. You will then receive an email with a PDF of your report, which can be accessed at any time.

Can I re-generate a copy of my report?

Of course! The insights are at your disposal for 12 months after your initial assessment. Simply request a copy via the website and have your insights mailed directly to you.

How often can I take the Strengthfy assessment?

Our priorities, desires, and motivators change over time, and it is important to align yourself according to your evolving inner being. 

We recommend that you retake the assessment whenever you feel the need to. If you have recently gone through some big changes in your social, personal or professional life, and are feeling uncertain, this assessment can help and is a great tool to reaffirm your strengths.

The Strengthfy way is a journey to get to know yourself better, and an even better way to reaffirm what you already know.

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