Team Ryz

Aashna Sharma

Senior Content Strategist
Courage, Risk and Challenges

The starting point of anyone’s career development process is identifying their strengths, values, interests, and preferences to determine what role would be a good fit. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught to focus on our skills or develop our areas of strength; it is something that is assumed to be known.

After completing my degree in journalism, I was still trying to figure out my career goals; everyone told me to become an anchor and the public face of a major news network, but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted. Fortunately, my generation is extremely self-aware, and when I was stuck trying to figure out what streamline to choose, I knew that to know what I could excel at, I would have to assess myself and understand myself better. I needed to discover what I was missing to better express my priorities and narrow the scope of my job search.

After researching, I stumbled upon Strengthfy. Because of the questions, I knew it was superior to previous online assessments. I learned much about myself by simply answering the questions, so I knew it was legit. I did not expect the test to tell me exactly what role to apply for and in which company. However, it did help me understand the areas in which I can excel; it delved into the layers of my personality and shared the roles that would fit my characteristics. Most simply and conveniently, it revealed my character traits that the world could see and the hidden qualities that only I knew I had. I would 10/10 recommend this test to EVERYONE.

There’s no harm in expanding your self-awareness; I guarantee that you’ll feel more optimistic about your future (both personally and professionally) after receiving your Strengths Analysis Report.

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