Team Ryz

Ishaan Dutt

Global Search Executive
Freedom, Introspection and Analytical

As an economics student unsure about which career path to pursue, taking Strengthfy's Strength Finder assessment proved to be a transformative experience.

Before taking the assessment, I felt overwhelmed by the multitude of career options available and needed a clearer understanding of my strengths to know in what role I’d excel. The detailed Strengths Analysis Report gave me invaluable insights into my personality traits and work style, which have enabled me to make informed career decisions.

Through Strengthfy and its detailed Strengths Analysis Report, I deeply understood my natural abilities and strengths. As an analytical and data-driven individual, I discovered my strengths lie in research and analysis.

I focused my job search on employment that fit my talents and interests, such as market research or consulting. This clarity gave me confidence, ultimately landing a job at a headhunting agency where I could successfully leverage my abilities. Strengthfy really helped me reach my full potential by simply telling me more about myself!

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