Team Ryz

Kavya Jajoo

Film Maker
Imagination, Confidence and Trendsetter

Taking the Strengthfy strength finder assessment as a film student passionate about the industry but still trying to decide which streamline to choose was an enlightening experience. The assessment gave me clarity and direction for my future and a more profound comprehension of my personality traits and strengths. This newfound knowledge enabled me to make more informed decisions regarding my career path.

Through the assessment, I realised that my natural creativity and interest in video editing are best suited for cinematography. Having gained this knowledge, I narrowed my focus and began searching for opportunities in fields where my strengths would be most effectively utilised. This experience has been incredibly motivating, giving me greater purpose and direction in my career.

Having undergone the Strengthfy assessment and after getting its detailed Strengths Analysis Report, I highly recommend it to anyone seeking further insight into their career aspirations and a better understanding of their strengths.

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