Build your Strengths by utilizing your spare Time

We spend a significant amount of time on our hobbies or ‘just the things' we do in our leisure time. On average, we spend 1 to 2 hours on our hobbies each day, but we do have much more leisure time where we indulge in the things we like. There isa need to stop and recognize that what are the activities on which we tend to spend our precious free time on a daily basis.

A significant proportion of people spend their leisure time participating in activities on a random basis, which sometimes can be unproductive in nature as well. These can be scrolling meaninglessly on social media, streaming random content on YouTube, picking a random movie, or binge-watching a web show that Netflix just released. These choices can be based upon our pursuit of entertainment. These are the activities we unconsciously decide to indulge in without considering whether we are participating in meaningful experiences or not.

To grow and acknowledge our strengths, we must understand how we spend time with ourselves or what we intend to do as soon as we get some free time. We often do not prioritize spending time with ourselves or talking to our inner selves to understand what we must do in our current life scenario. These choices are also regarded as living life on ‘Autopilot’ where we go with the flow, and things are happening to us instead of taking control and making things happen.

To turn the tables of control, we must analyze our activities in our free time and revolve them around the pillars of our core strength. Managing and customizing your free time can be a herculean task sometimes. So, let’s understand this concept in detail.

When we customize our free time and align it with our core strengths, it allows us to involve in meaningful experiences even if we choose an activity to rejuvenate ourselves. For instance, a sports enthusiast can opt for watching a sports documentary, which they will enjoy, rather than watching any random series online. As a result, it creates a shift in our focus as one can customize their free time around their passion and strength while not compromising the things they do for leisure. This simple practice can actually open new doors for learning and growth in individuals.

This practice leads to more happiness and fulfilment in our personal growth and endeavours. How do we find the things we should practice during our free time? The answer is complex yet simple at the same time, as it lies in our deep understanding of our strengths. We need to unlock our strengths by analyzing ourselves and understanding the key areas where we are the most productive and involved.

To make groundbreaking changes in our life, we need to customize our activities around the strengths we hold to work on them and uplift ourselves. Let’s spend our free time around the things that make us feel better and rejuvenate ourselves at the same time.

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