The Power of Storytelling: Personal Branding for Employers

How to build the Employer Brand

Building the Employer Brand has never been more important than NOW. With a work force comprising Baby Boomers, Gen X & Gen Y, employee expectations have never been more divergent.

To attract & retain this Trans generation talent, it is imperative that companies script their stories, tell their stories and connect the employee to their brand.

When an organization tells its story, it should focus on values, USP, Esprite de Corps to connect to the BabyBoomers. This generation represents the eternal learner and they want to hear stories of how the company creates leaders!!

With Gen X re-tell the stories, with a focus on freedom, empowerment, building connections. This generation represents the non conformists. They want to experiment, live on the edge and they want to hear stories of how the organization innovates.

To connect with Gen Y, it’s important to focus on organization’s vision, its ambition, its technology enablement…… the message must focus on standing out, being individualistic. This generation represents the anarchists, who want to challenge every thought, break every rule.

Needless to say, building the Employer Brand has never been a tougher exercise than 

it is today!

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