Four steps to identify your strengths

What is it that you excel in that sets you apart from others? How can you find out about our strengths? It's something that everyone is curious to find out about themselves.

If you're considering a new job or starting a business, identifying your strengths is a valuable exercise to help you grow and improve. It's an exciting process that will help you discover how to excel at your work and identify areas where you can grow to achieve even greater success.

Step 1:


Before using outside sources to assess your strengths and weaknesses, spend 30 minutes alone generating two lists.

Start with your business or entrepreneurship ambitions. Call it "Success Skills."

Don't worry if you've considered all the skills your firm needs. Your business may list "market understanding," "business development," "website development," or "product expertise." After you finish your list, highlight your current talents and star the ones you need to learn.

Answer questions like:

· What am I good at?

· What have others complimented me about?

· What have others had to help me with more than once?

· Which projects and tasks drain my energy?

· Which projects have I spent hours on without getting exhausted?

The more honest you are with yourself, the better it is.

Step 2:

People around you

It's great that you recognize the importance of getting feedback from others when assessing your strengths. This can help provide a more well-rounded and accurate understanding of yourself. It's great that people have a range of opinions about themselves!

Whether or whether you place stock in or trust their assessment of you is crucial. Some loved ones will be excessively partial; they may always see the best in you or have a history of giving you negative feedback. Pick your advisors carefully; you want people with a history of being objective and helpful, even when it means telling you something you don't want to hear.

· Ask them what it is about you that they think will contribute to your success. As you receive feedback, start adding more details to your list.

Conduct a personality assessment test.

Personality tests are an additional helpful resource that can assist you in determining your strengths. This is in addition to the time you've invested in contemplating who you are and the feedback you've collected from others.

If you combine the strokes of a personality test with the fine details offered by your self-assessment and input from others, you'll start to get a pretty decent picture of your strengths.

Finally, Step 3

Try new things!

One issue with distinguishing is when you lack experience. In some circumstances, your list of shortcomings primarily consists of "I don't know, I've never tried. For example, how can you tell if you have the athletic or artistic ability if you've never tried something athletic or artistic?

Believe in challenging yourself to grow by trying new things. If you're afraid to attempt new things, your quick personality test answer is: don't be an entrepreneur.

You may fail, and in some situations, you may fail spectacularly. However, to truly identify a strength, you must overcome your initial sense of failure to discover something significant about yourself.

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