How can you increase Growth and Learning by using your Strengths

We often catch ourselves brainstorming about the missing ingredient in the secret sauce of our life. The question that often arises in our mind is about the missing link that we need to grab in order to actually learn and grow. We as humans, are centered towards achieving growth and levelling up in our own distinct fields.

Growth is a concept which can have different meanings and intent for different people. One may find growth in their work endeavors, personal achievements, or by simply spending time with their loved ones. What might be ordinary for one can be something that the other person is fighting for a long time. But how do we find what our growth lies in? Let’s dive into a fresh school of thought regarding this.

We often spend our life on Autopilot by completing our daily chores or meeting our work deadlines and then doing the same things the very next day and so on. It’s imperative that we understand the areas in our life in which we want to achieve learning and growth. The real catch here is to adjust our focus to the areas where our strength lies.

This can be achieved by firstly, stopping the autopilot mode and getting back in control of your daily actions. The second step is to analyze your daily time and actions and if they reflect the requirement of your zone of strength. The third and most crucial step is to initiate the alignment of a.) Your daily tasks and b.) Your strengths.  

Why is it necessary? Well, in order to actually learn and grow in any significant part of your life, you need to make sure that you are focusing on your strengths and working around them. For instance, a person can’t grow in mimicking if they know their strength lies in script-writing. It’s only when one focuses and targets their goals around script writing when an individual in this instance will actually get a chance to grow, learn and prosper. In shorter words, there is a dire need to analyze your strengths and revolve your goals and targets around them to experience the full potential of growth that you as an individual are capable of.

The after-effects are unprecedented, as one not only cherishes what they do but celebrates the outcomes produced by their hard work. It’s when one finally realizes that why did they not apply this approach sooner in their life as it leads to revolutionary changes and transformation in one’s perspective, daily tasks and especially, the way an individual performs these tasks on a day to day basis. After all, Success and Growth lie in the way we do things and not in the mere target that we accomplish.

To encapsulate, a thought that you should carry forward from here is what exactly is your actual strength and what can you do to fixate your daily tasks around it.

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