How your Strengths help you take Control of your Life

The jet-paced society that we live in has accustomed us to be on autopilot mode and go through life in the form of a series of deadlines and tasks, which in some cases are endless and linger on even on weekends. We might not even realise how deeply we are submerged in this outcome-oriented ocean.

An individual might be caught up in this vicious circle and might not even recognise it at first. I wouldn’t say that we never observe it or see it coming. But I would agree that there is nothing much we do about it. We tend to find comfort in rock bottom, burdened with the workload that we don’t even know when it will end.

How often have you stopped and thought, when will this so-called chain reaction stop? Or what should I do to be in control of my life? I am pondering on this thought because a significant amount of time back, someone asked me, ‘What are your strengths?’ And I was so clueless about the question as if I do not know myself or I don’t know what I do best, what my strengths are!

The answers I had were - what my deadlines are and what my tasks for the day, week and month are. I had no clue which strengths I was using to accomplish those tasks or which strengths I needed to build to complete those tasks quickly or efficiently in future. After quite an introspection, I got a hold of the concept, to be honest. It all happened when I started to ask questions, more importantly, asking the right questions at the right time in my daily tasks and routine.

It made me realise how important it is to be conscious about your strong capabilities and use them for your work and even for your personal life. It is the key to progress in both worlds.

It makes you understand that work is important, but how you do your work is more important. Knowing your strengths allow you to be in the driver's seat and take charge of how you do things. It not only makes the way you do things better but efficacious too.

As a result, you escape the infinity loop of being productive without an aim or goal. When you connect the dots between your work and strength, it creates a vision towards which you need to work on. It makes our days, weeks and months goal-oriented rather than outcome or deadline-oriented, and that is just enough to create a paradigm shift in your understanding towards the things you do in your life.

Getting to know your strengths is a journey that makes you realise tons of capabilities you are already equipped with. One can be surprised to see the different strengths one withholds. Further, rolling these strengths into action is the much-needed ‘first step’ you need to take to widen your horizon and skip the mundane algorithm.

So, take the much-awaited ‘first step’ and unleash the strengths within you!

Start your journey of discovering your strengths today.

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